Top Most Exciting Destinations For Pizza Lovers

Pizza is a beloved food, not just in the US, but also in various parts of the world. On any day, one in every eight Americans would eat it.

But we’re not here to talk about how delicious pizza is or why it’s a popular food because we know you already know the answer. As a pizza lover, ourselves, we’re here to provide you the top most exciting destinations for pizza lovers, like us.

If you’re living in the Midwest, then you’re lucky because various cities here offer the best places for pizza lovers and that includes Detroit. Midwestern cities provide low cost of living and a high number of pizza places.

Unfortunately, for residents in the South, they’re not too fortunate because they don’t offer many pizza places. And if they do, they’re not highly rated. In fact, some of the worst cities for pizza enthusiasts are in this area.

So, let’s get started.

1 Detroit
Residents of Detroit are known as pizza lovers. It has its own style. The pizza here is usually square with a crispy crust and deep dish. For every 10,000 residents, there are 15.5 pizza spots they can go to. The quality of their pizza is also excellent.

2 Chicago
It’s known for its deep-dish type of pizza. It’s true that you can easily find deep-dish pizza around the US. However, the best spot to get it is in the Windy City.

Nowadays, pizza lovers don’t just stick to deep-dish. Rather, they explore other styles. You can find the most delicious pizza at Pizzeria da Nella in the Lincoln Park. Or you can check out Macello, Piece in Wiker Park and Bartoli’s in Roscoe Village. Just like Detroit, the city has an extensive and diverse pizza portfolio.

3 New York City
Chicago is known for its thick pizza. But New York pizza is all about the thin crust. There are dozens of pizza places in New York City, which can be frustrating and be intimidating for first-time visitors or for people who aren’t sure where to go for the best thin crust slice.

One of the most exciting places to go to is the Lombardi’s Pizza. It’s on Spring Street. The Grimaldi’s, too, is a popular spot. If you’re in NY city, you don’t need to worry about time because most spots here are open late. Regardless of what neighborhood you’re in, you’re going to find a great pizza.

4 Buffalo
Apart from New York City, another best city to go to in New York is Buffalo. Although it’s known for its famous chicken wing, it’s also popular for its innovative pizza. Enter Buffalo-style. Its crust is thicker than New York pizza. The crust has some similarities with Detroit pizza. However, instead of square, Buffalo style pizza is round. You’ll also enjoy white pizzas here.

5 South Bend
The University of Notre Dame is known as the largest employer in South Bend. It may not be on your top list; the city created an exciting place for you to grab a slice. The Northern Indiana Pizza Wars named Giannetto’s Pizza and Pasta in Granger as the best local pizza. Other favorites would include Barnaby’s South Bend and Lacopos’s Pizza. Starlight Pizza found on the south side must not be missed as well.

6 Vancouver
It’s a pizza central. There are around 326 places you can go to for your pizza treat. The city has a high cost of living. But if you’re going here and you wish to save when eating out at your favorite pizza spot, you can use rewards cards that come with points every time you dine out. When you accumulate certain points, you can get free pizza.

7 Knoxville
The city is known for its delicious and affordable pizza. The spots you must not miss here are Hard Knox Pizza and Sergeant Pepperoni’s Pizza. But other favorites you should consider would include Tomato Head, Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza and Gavino’s Pizzeria and Restaurant.

8 Pittsburgh
In 2015, Zagat named Pittsburgh the best food city. It offers the most affordable pizza. Plus, it offers a great variety of pizza. It has more than 270 spots. Most of those spots have an average Yelp rating of above 4.4.

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