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To all gap year travelers,

I’m an Undergratuate student studying in my final year of Industrial Design and Technology at Brunel University in London, England. For my dissertation I’ve decided to focus on designing a modular travel backpack based on my experiences when traveling. By creating this post i’m hoping to spark a debate on the most important focus areas of backpack travel, aspects of travel that need improvement and user experiences with backpacks.

This is obviously an area that is well covered by industry however I believe that the solutions to the common problems such as lumber strain and organisational design within a bag have become stagnant in the market. I believe that modular functionality can go a long way to impoving this area – giving the user more choice in customising their bag to suit their individual and unique needs.

I’ve constructed a short survey to help understand backpack user experiences over a wide user base. Your participation in this study would be hugely appreciated and, I believe, will contribute to the improvement of backpack design through modular functionality.

If you have a spare 5 minutes, you can find the survey here:

Thank you for your time,

Richard Jarvis

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