My Best Kept Secret

Fickle, jaded, wasting precious time,
One, last, spin –  left a mountain yet to climb.

Of course, money isn’t everything –  but to leave it’s what I needed
A penny left, a bottom reached and a person left conceded.

Early – in the morning – staring through the glass,
Floods of tears, shattered dreams – ahead – but now dead last.

‘Wake up!’ – Start again!’ – ‘Time to be strong!’
‘Travel is what you’ve dreamt about for so very long.’

One, last, push – I was finally on my way,
If I could bottle how I felt right then, I’d inject it everyday.

In Iceland, when the ash cloud, arose and shot a mile,
I got the bus to Germany – unplanned, but with a smile.

In LA, at the airport, going nowhere fast,
I shrugged it off as karma and laughed about the past.

In Borneo – when it rained and rained and rained and rained, with nothing we could do,
Christmas day – stranded – we drank and rallied through.

In Hanoi, lost and vanished – without a single trace,
A fateful meeting with a biker, took me home to base.

In Germany, hating work, thinking ‘Can I really do this?’
At the lake, deep in love, we shared a longing kiss.

In Brisbane,with nothing, bar the cap upon my head,
A trusted friend took me in –  a shower and a bed.

Travel did the world of good and I’m grateful everyday,
Experienced, content and balanced – despite the constant fray.

Four years on I’m back – wiser and four years older,
I’ve shaken off the burden of the devil on my shoulder.

Travel is an addiction, that will never go away,
I think about it always – every, single day.

So send me to the Cook Islands, I need that hit again,
I want to feel like the day I left – it’s driving me insane!

For my best secret has followed me, through every single nation,

What is it? Well…

I can make the best, out of any situation.

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