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    Just logged on for the first time in four, maybe five years and was about to post something along the same lines. I guess the answer is more or less “No” then.
    Hey though!

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    I got myself into an awful mess in Hanoi once. I wrote an article about it a few years back if you fancy a read:

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    Hey there!
    This topic has been covered a load of times over the years. If you go and have a look around the site (country guides, previous posts) you’ll get all the answers you need.
    Good luck with your trip.

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    I think I’ve been away from home five or six times all in different places. The one that crops to mind though is getting stranded in a jungle lodge in Borneo due to torrential rain flooding the roads. Luckily for me, I had stocked up on gin, vodka, chocolate and mixers for such a scenario. I shared it out amongst the staff and guests and watched the rain fall on what little forest there is left in Borneo.

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    Lunny wrote:
    Yes... definitely.
    I believe it makes you mentally stronger and you can come back equipped to deal with all kinds of things in life.
    It also changes you because you get bitten by that bug that never, ever leaves you. This is both a blessing and a curse, but that's probably a discussion for another thread!

    Tell me about it! I’m literally losing my marbles here in Scotland. I’m planning on leaving with my girlfriend next year at some point but it all depends on job opportunities for both of us. Nothing is set in stone and I’ll be no closer to knowing if were leaving until at least the Summer. Until then? I’m going to have to pull myself out of this self loathing bullshit. Ah the joys…

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    If I’m honest, on reflection, I didn’t really struggle with the saving money for my first trip, but later adventures have certainly required blood, sweat and tears.
    At the time – saving for my first trip – I was working for the family restaurant and living at home. I would do 9-5 during the day as a chef then pop on a black shirt and run the front of house until close. I would get a lift home at the end of the night, a run to work in the morning and made great tips. I would work six days a week and my work was my social life, getting hammered after hours with the staff. I paid rent but it hardly broke the bank and there would always be a fridge and/or a drinks cabinet for me to raid. All in all, I was very fortunate but it tought me nothing and although I worked hard, I was becoming somewhat inbalanced as a person.
    Ashamedly, I was a problem gambler as well and blew a lot of my savings in one forgetful evening. In truth, I did not appreciate money and was sailing my way through life without really getting anywhere.
    The wake up call for me came whilst away as I was forced to manage money – which I’m still learning to do today. I was broke a couple of times on the road and my blow out before I left certainly contributed to this as I had to live and travel with my mistakes.
    Fast forward five years and I still find money hard to deal with and it is a constant in the back of mind. I struggle.If I was to save for another big trip, I would have to make some major sacrfices and probably require the help of a trusted other.
    But I guess you have to be skint in order to really appreciate what you have, what you waste, what you need and what you don’t. I’ve learned that money will get you to where you want to be geographically, but it’s your resolve that truly moves you forward.

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    Ah to be looking into RTW flights again. All I’ve been doing for the last two years is looking to see what’s in the fridge.
    Swap places? I have an array of condiments with your name on it.

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    Rollingcrock wrote:
    dopolop wrote:
    Quality blog dude, made me laugh!
    I've never worked in a bar myself, but after reading this blog, I've seen bar work in another light. I didn't realize 'the 60 second game...the next song game...the cock block game' all existed, pure genius.
    I'm planning on going to Oz March/April 2014 and am also in that dark phase of saving :/
    My work experience is purely retail, however I'm willing to do pretty much anything out there (within reason).
    Glass collecting however, just jumped higher in my job ideas...

    Glad you like it.
    By the way, I made these games up to pass the time! Just me. It’s not as if glass collectors walk round Pacha trying to fuck other peoples girlfriends.Although I would like to be a fly on the wall in the interview room if you actually brought them up.

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    Oh yes…and what a contrast it was! His name was Terence (yip – real life) and we hated each other when we first met as he would always try to buy drinks/dinner etc and I was far too proud to except. By the end of it all, we bounced off each other fine but it took a while. He had a heart of gold and I have a lot of time for him.
    I’ll never forget a messy night out we had in Shanghai when Terence bought me a whole bottle of Jager when I asked for a shot. Spewing all over the side of the taxi wasn’t too sexy.
    The last time we met – in Singapore – it was under the condition of drinks being on me. We ended up in a posh hotel lobby with an extremely expensive bottle of wine. Paying was not an option even if I wanted too.
    Don’t worry though. I got the Ice-cream in after wards…

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