My experience at Maze

I know I said that I’d update the last post but I guess I just never got round to it. Been in Sydney for 2 and 1/2 weeks now, & its not what I hoped or expected, not really enjoying it all that much but I figure that once I get a job & a flat and I’ve settled in things will get better. Getting a flat is proving a lot harder than I first imagined it to, all the rooms I’ve seen advertised have either already been taken or the person on the other end of the phone just doesn’t understand what I’m saying. The work on the other hand I’m getting better on with, phoned an agency today and the woman said that if I email her my CV then she’ll probably be able to get me some call centre work as I have retail experience, so that sounds promising. I’ve got my mum on the case, she & her friend are writing it for me because I really don’t know what to do/say so……

In the short time I’ve been here I’ve stayed in 5 hostels & I have to say most have been fairly pleasent, except Maze, don’t ever stay there. I’d heard quite good things about that place but experiencing is something I wish I’d never done. When we (Clare a girl I met in Wake Up & myself) arrived the guy on the desk didn’t seem to know what he was doing and told us that although we were both going in the same size of dorms we couldn’t go together, so we assumed this was because there wasn’t 2 beds in the one dorm. We got upstairs and when I walked into my room this disgusting smell hit me, it was foul, smelt like the room hadn’t been cleaned for weeks, I suspect it hadn’t. Anyway I dumped my stuff and went to find Clare who was standing in her dorm doorway with the door wide open, walked into her room and surprise, surprise it was smelly aswell & there was another 2 free beds, so I went down to reception and told the guy I wanted to change rooms, so I swapped. The room was so dirty, go to as I’ve posted some pics of what it was like, anyway I had to stay there a week as thats what I booked. I’ve also stayed in Base Backpackers, nice but very expensive; The Palms, alright & School House Backpackers, very cheap only $13 for a 6 bed dorm, but the rooms are really small & the bathrooms don’t all lock and they smell a bit.

I’m going to a BBQ at the hostel tonight with Michalla a girl I met from this site so that’ll be quite good get to meet more people form the hostel.

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