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My Best Kept Secret

Having just returned from an epic trip I’ve been having a serious case of the post-travel blues and wondering what I’m going to do next. So when I found out about this competition for two weeks in the Cook Islands I was possibly more excited than I was on the day that I booked my round the world flights back in 2011. And as I sat here wondering ‘hmmm, what is my secret’, it suddenly dawned on me that I’ve got a whole year’s worth of travelling photos and secrets to share! But instead of boring you with a whole list of things I’ve learnt this past year, I thought I’d narrow it down and show you some of New Zealand’s best kept, and most beautifully stunning, secret spots.
First up is my absolute favourite place that we stayed on our trip, the gorgeous Moke Lake, a department of conservation campsite just outside the great city of Queenstown.

This next place is called Hokitika Gorge, and with it’s bright turquoise water, it is really quite breathtaking.

The Moeraki Boulders on Koekohe beach are pretty impressive, they look like empty tortoise shells scattered across the sand. And they’re pretty fun to jump off too.

Speaking of jumping off things, this place is not so secret I suppose, but bungee jumping off the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown is a definite must, especially if you want to be dunked in the blue blue waters below.

Spectacularly blue water seems to be a feature of New Zealand, as seen below at the point where the Waikato River drains into Huka Falls (just outside Taupo).

And finally, this is Lake Matheson, or more commonly known as ‘Mirror Lake’ because of the obvious reflective qualities in the water.

So there you have it. Six of my favourite secret spots around New Zealand. Now, I havent told you exactly where they all are, so I’m challenging you to go on your own adventure and find them! Enjoy.

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