New Traveller, needing advice!!

Basically I'm a 17 year old student, just finishing the first year of my A-Levels. I don't plan on going to university, and basically…I have no idea what i want to do!! But one the thing i have decided is I'd like to go on a gap year (hence the joining of this site). Probably in 2012, after I have finished my A-Levels. I have no idea where to go for someone who is new to travelling. I plan on starting in Thailand as my sister is living out there as a teacher, I thought it would be a great starting point and then I'm not entirely alone to begin with. But apart from that I'm not sure where I'd like to explore. I'd be interested in doing volunteer work. All I need is some advice on some great places to explore for an amateur traveller, it would be very helpful! Even help on how to plan these sort of trips would be great, any tips?! Thanks!!

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