The start of a journey

At age 17 I have limited travel experience in my life. More than some I might add, but now it is time to track my journey into the world. Into ‘real life’.

So to start, I must first consider where I’ve been.

Part 1: England
Although it is the country of my birth, there is still much of my country I have yet to see. The great buildings of Oxford, the spiritual presence of stone henge… It seems to me that many people miss out of exploring their own country during a gap year, perhaps finding it too mundane to consider.
In the past I have visited London a number of times in the past, mainly for MCM expos or shopping. It truly is a beautiful city, despite the latent grime I have found concealed under my nails every time I return. A personal favorite and recommendation of mine is Camden market, home to a number of alternative themed clothes shops and stalls. I found particular joy in the amount of anime themed merchandise that could be found here, as well as a hidden lolita clothing shop where I purchased the most beautiful dress I have ever owned.

Manchester is, (of course) another favorite of mine. The Trafford centre and Piccadilly gardens are regular haunts of mine, and the city shops and restaurants are packed full of choice. Interested in Japanese food? Sapporo teppanyaki on Liverpool road is exquisite, where the chef cooks in front of you and you are invited to catch slices of potato in your mouth, or play golf with egg shells. Another (not so) hidden gem is Afflek’s palace, a kitsch hideaway in Manchester’s northern quarter which sells a variety of wares including military uniforms, hello kitty necklaces and bellybutton piercing as well as other interesting items.

Sadly, this is about as far as my traveling in England has reached. Unless you count day trips to Alton towers. Or school trips to Chester, which is lovely by the way.

Whether you’re a newbie traveller looking for help or a backpacking veteran with words of wisdom to share, our community is waiting for you.

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