The American Dream

Part two of my historic travel tales takes me to America. I have visited America twice in my life, two specific locations separately. In anticipation of traveling the famous Route 66 in future, I think it prudent to think and reflect about my past experiences, and just what it is that has enchanted me about America since the first time I heard of Disneyland… Location: Florida It took me nine years to convince my dad to take me to Florida. Nine long years of nagging, and I finally found myself on my first holiday, flying for nearly eleven hours to reach the place of my childhood dreams. I'm sure there are many stories of hilarity and happiness on this website from various Disney's in the world, so I'm sure you can imagine mine. I still to this day retain my autographs from characters such as Mickey mouse Baloo from the jungle book, and shall cherish these memories forever. A particular favorite memory of this trip was during a visit to Sea World, where I first touched a dolphin, which proceeded to splash my whole family and break my sister's expensive camera. It was also well worth taking in a Shamu show, and sitting at the front, and getting soaked. Good times. Universal studios was another good time, as well as watching a live space launch out of my hotel window and on TV at the same time. I also remember drinking more Dr. Peppers than in my whole life. Thank God for Walmart. And the adorable gecko I found near the hotel hot tub. Coincidentally, our hotel was also the best place I've ever stayed, the Hawthorne Suites. It was also within easy reach of most Disney attractions, as well as some GREAT food joints, (Wendy's, Sizzler, McDonalds, Taco Bell…) Overall, Florida was an experience I'd LOVE to repeat. Even if I have to wait until I'm gray and have a pet bullfrog named Skip. Location: New York It was about three years ago now that I visited the city that never sleeps, and I like to think it has changed me a little bit. This trip was the first time I realized travel was something I'd really like to do in future, and that America was a place I'd really like to do it. We stayed in the hotel Chandler, round the corner from the Empire State building, a slightly grubby little place with exceptionally polite doormen. It was also only 10 blocks or so away from Times Square, a personal favorite of mine. Whilst here I visited a number of shops and spent a ridiculous amount of money on hats from the Bubba Gump shop and the Sanrio store. I also thought it was incredible that drug stores were open past midnight in America, and I purchased some Cherry Dr. Pepper lip balm at 2 a.m. This was only the tip of the iceberg, as I was to find out, as New York was home to a number of stores that would steadily empty my bank account as the trip progressed. An example of this was a visit to Fifth Avenue, as part of a 'Sex and the City' tour group may I add, which included visits to Tiffany's and the Magnolia Bakery. Central park was a beautiful sight, and I was lucky enough to have cocktails in the AOL Time Warner Building (owned by Donald Trump) which has amazing views of the park and city. Although this trip was short, it was memorable and changed my life. Thank you NYC.

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