A Trip to Turkey

I visited Turkey with a friend and her family in June three years ago. The flights were reasonably priced and the flight quite short (about four hours,) and we arrived at Olu Deniz in high spirits to the hottest day the country had experienced in over a decade.
This heat continued for the remainder of the trip, which I have to say hindered my experience. For example, whilst on a white water rafting excursion, we had to travel for 3 hours by coach and were not allowed to bring any water. As a result I fainted when we arrived at the destination and did not enjoy the experience as much as I could have.

Note to self: Work on my resistance to heat. I’ll need it in future travels.

The second excursion I experienced was much more enjoyable, a so-called ‘jeep safari’ where dangerously fast drivers in precarious jeeps speed around mountain roads while you shoot other cars full of people with water guns. Also part of this trip was a visit to a gold museum, trout farm, market, beach and set of Turkish ruins. There was also the opportunity to wallow in a mud bath, which I found refreshing and really helped clear my holiday skin. In contrast the poverty shown in this excursion is quite striking, as you throw sweets from your jeep to some of the poorest children in Turkey, and they try to sell you twigs of lavender. Just don’t make my mistake and think it’s a present and walk off with it, I still feel bad about this.
The beach was less than five minutes walk from the hotel, downhill, and through a busy shopping district. The beach was busy but pleasant, although if you walked too far along the shore there was a military base where armed guards loomed over anyone walking too close. There were also a number of ‘Wailing Towers’ in the area so every evening at eight o’clock or so we were startled by loud shouting, which I understand is a frequent occurrence in such countries. After I while I must admit I found the wailing to be quite beautiful.
The main downside of this area I found was that it was highly catered to tourists. The vendors openly flirted and often incited marriage proposals to try and get you to buy their items, even going to the length of sitting with you in bars and putting their arms around you. If you go to Turkey- watch out for this.

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