School trips part 1

I’ve been on two international school trips, the first of which was a three day coach trip to France. I believe we stayed in a place called Alsace Romain in a popular school trip complex. The center was quite dull but I imagine on a longer trip where we could take advantage of the pool and abseiling facilities would be better. Instead, I was fascinated by the local wildlife, including some yellow patterned snails in the garden which I later found available on the lunch menu. In fact, I quite enjoyed escargot, in a garlic filled rubbery textured way.
We actually did very little besides visiting the Eiffel tower and a haunting war memorial, where I looked and found at least three men who shared my surname who died fighting in France in world war II. The Eiffel tower was a very different experience, packed full of tourists and vendors, as well as beggars. The view was beautiful even when cloudy and as a fan of heights I got a pleasant thrill from this experience.
In the same day we were invited onto a river tour of Paris via the Seine. The tour would have been informative if the boat wasn’t filled with screaming children, and I saw sights such as the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the bridge from the final episode of Sex and the City 🙂 Quite beautiful.
Oh, we also took a visit to Euro Disney. Quite forgettable actually. There were few exciting rides and the park did not cater well for international guests. It was ridiculously over-priced. Like most of Paris actually.
I would like to visit Paris again, maybe take in Montmartre, but my first experience was not pleasant. In particular, I found the animals in tiny cages in the pet shops most distressing, and the prices. i did however find the people delightful, with my moderate French speaking skills they were more than willing to use any English they had.

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