Closer to home

The (almost) final extent of my travel experiences so far have been to countries close to my home, namely Wales and Scotland. I hope to visit Ireland in future, but until I can earn some money I can only hope to relive my past experiences. I have only visited these two countries as part of family holidays and as such have a restricted experience of them, but I have precious memories none the less.
Aberdeen was the place in Scotland where I stayed with my Uncle for a week during my youth. When we arrived at the airport we were greeted with heavy snowfall and as such were snowed in for most of the holiday. Snow in with five feet of snow! It was a dream come true to a child like me when the snow melted a little bit and I was permitted to go play in it. I recall sledging in a local field, as well as creating a large snowman and over thirty snow angels. Thinking back, I have experienced very little of Scotland at all.
Wales I have seen slightly more of. I have seen Llandudno, Bangor and a variety of caravan parks, as well as horse riding in the countryside and dry sledging on Snowdonia. I have also walked the wall of the castle at Balmoral. One fond memory of Wales I have is visiting pebble lined beaches and collecting a variety of stones to take home- this is very interesting when you are four years old. One thing I enjoy still about visiting Wales is hearing people use the Welsh language, which is not commonly used even in Wales. This is a shame I believe, as the extent of my knowledge of Welsh is poppadiping (microwave.)

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