My Best Kept Secret

Taking a Vantage: London’s best views (My Best Kept Secret)

For me, the best kept secrets are the ones that many people should know about, and yet very few do.  In London, a city of 8 million people, it’s pretty difficult to find somewhere special that not everyone has heard of. However, very few people seem to know about the spot that looks out over this:

Personally I think it’s rarer (and so more secretive) to find a quiet, unique haven in one of the world’s busiest cities than it is to find an uninhabited beach somewhere in far-flung Asia, so I thought I’d share this little beauty with you.

From this one easily accessible location, you can take in some of the best of what London has to offer: the ornate dome of St Paul’s Cathedral; the glowing neon of the buzzing Southbank; the imposing, futuristic Shard; and everything in between. All this from a space that’s completely free to enter, so you don’t have to fork out the money – or wait in the queues – to go on the London Eye and you don’t have to trek up Parliament Hill (there’s even a lift)!

Viewpoints like this can provide a great backdrop to a romantic moment, can offer solace if you’re feeling reflective, and just finding them can be a pastime in itself. Gazing out over such an iconic landscape, sometimes I can almost feel the cameras from a Hollywood movie zooming out into a sweeping aerial shot, as the credits start to roll.

Sometimes, hectic life in the big city can get to any of us; cramming on to a packed tube or running for a bus in the pouring rain is enough to make anyone a little sceptical, but all I need to restore my faith in this place is, just, well, a few minutes looking at it. As in, really looking at it.

So, why not look at it with me:

It seems that most people nowadays have a penchant for knowing about the new, cool, secretive venues in London, like a great speakeasy bar or a pop-up restaurant with innovative food, but I fancied a change from the norm.

Although it’s fun to be the first to try new street food in Hoxton or be seen at the Chelsea cocktail bar that is ‘so hot right now’, ultimately places that sell food and drink require fame to get by – and if it’s famous, it’s no longer a secret.

That’s perhaps the best thing about choosing to tell you about my favourite viewpoints for this competition – I don’t have to give away my best kept secret! I think I’ve shown enough to prove that I know what I’m talking about, without actually having to divulge how to get there.

Of course, if you can’t work out how to find these spots, you’ll have to vote for me – because I’ll tell you if I win! Imagine how smug you’ll feel when you first take that someone special to experience this first-hand… You can thank me later!

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