Top 5 Backwaters Destination of Kerala, India

Kerala also referred as the God’s own country is one of the most popular tourist attractions of India. It is situated on the South-Eastern side of India on the coast of Malabar, the beautiful state of Kerala falls in between the Arabian Sea on the West side, the Western Ghats on the East. Kerala is most famous for its backwaters destination which attracts tons of tourists on its own throughout the world. The Kerala Backwaters is made up of a string of five lakes lying parallel to the Arabian Sea coast. The breathtaking beautiful location of Backwaters is the true storehouses of the nature at its absolute best as it contain numerous rivers, beautiful lagoons, canals, shallow lakes and uninterrupted waterways. Kerala backwater tourism is an indivisible part of backwater tourism in India.

An harmonious tour next to these palm fringed backwater destinations in Kerala with rousing view of the sunset, lush green paddy fields, the romantic moon light and the mild lapping of water as you stroll along on a kettuvallams (which are the traditional houseboats of backwaters)  make it an experience of a lifetime.

So without any further ado let’s let’s go through our top 5 backwaters destination of Kerala…

(1)Allapey:  Often referred as “Venice of the east”, Allapey has always maintained its status as one of a most influential place in history of Kerala. Allapey is also known as Allappuzha among locals. Allapey in recent period is quiet famous for its boat races, backwaters vacations, beautiful beaches, coir farm industry. And with its seductive scenery, laced on the west by the brilliant stretch of beaches and the Arabian Sea, connected by shimmering rivers, natural lakes, quiet lagoons and magnificent palm groves it can easily hypnotize anyone with a blink of an eye. Allapey also holds a name of “rice bowl of Kerala” as it is among very few places in the world where farming is performed below sea level. During the old days this place was the trading and fishing hub and today it has transformed into a world recognized backwater tourist destination. There are lots of places worth seeing here such as Alappuzha Beach, QST & R Block Kayal, Chambakulam Church, Pathiramanal Island, Karumadi kuttan, Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Chambakulam Local Market.

(2) Kollam: Kollam is located at around 71 kms from Trivandrum. It is a well renowned tourist destination and is placed on the southern side of Kerala. It is known for its extremely stunning backwaters, lush green tropical vegetations and the illustrious Ashtamudi Lake, which wraps over 30% area of this wonderful town of Kerala. The backwaters of Kollam are quiet appealing specially with their remarkable traditional architectural styles. The majestic seaboard of Kerala is quiet renowned for its fishing and cashew industries. In old days, it was a significant place for coastal industry and trade which is why it is treated as one of the oldest ports positioned on the Malabar Coast. There are lots of places to see such as  Paravur lake, Chinnakada clock tower, Adventure park etc

(3)Kumarakom: Kumarakom backwater is one of the most beautiful backwater destinations of Kerala and is located at around 14km from Kottayam district along with the stunning Vembanad lake. The view of Kumarakom is unlike anything you’ve ever seen especially the lush green paddy fields, deep mangrove forests, shallow lakes and canals which are embedded by beautiful white lilies are quiet famous and attracts lots of tourists to this place from all over the world. The bird sanctuary of kumarakom, is lengthened at around 14 acres, and is much loved destination of migratory birds which is why it won’t be wrong for us to say that it’s indeed an ornithologist’s heaven. Herons, cuckoo, wild duck, Egrets, darters, waterfowls, teals, and migratory birds like the Siberian Stork visit this location in big flocks.

(4) Kuttanad: Kuttanad is placed at around of 20 Km from Alappuzha town in Alappuzha district and is often referred as Holland of kerala. It is among very few places where farming is done 1.5 to 2 m below sea level. It is an amazing mesh of sparkling waterways, awesome canals, rivers and streams. Blessed with dense tropical greenery, it offers visitors a truly unique experience of rural life-styles of Kerala. Kuttanad also serves as a habitat for lots of rare fauna & flora. There are lots of places worth seeing and experiencing in Kuttanad such as Vemband lake, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, ‘R’ block Island, Pathiramanal, Kurumady etc.

(5) Trivandrum: The wide-ranging backwaters of Trivandrum offer the scenic view of a heaven. The beautiful lagoons, mesmerizing lakes, stunning canals and rivers are in formation along the dense tropical vegetation of Trivandrum. It has an enormous historical and cultural heritage which makes it one of the most popular backwaters destinations of Kerala.  The most crucial backwater spot of Trivandrum are Thiruvallam and Veli. At a stretch of 6 km from Trivandrum, Thiruvallam is a calm and undisturbed backwater that lengths from enroute to Kovalam. The two rivers, Killi and Karamana are the two well renowned spot for canoe ride and other water sports. There are lots of places worth watching here such as Vellayani lakes, Malankara Church, Padmanabhaswami Temple, Kowdiar Palace, Napier Museum, Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, Attukal Temple etc.

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