The Train Conductor With a Gun.

Our First Interrail Experience
(For those that don’t know what this is- Google it, then do it because it’s awesome)(Seriously Awesome)

We are now on the second train which should be straight to Berlin from Amsterdam. I am waiting a bit anxiously in my seat- firstly because I am quite an anxious person and secondly because we aren’t 100 per cent sure on how to use our passes. I have been through the guide book a fair few times hoping that by the fourth I will have found something in there that my brain failed to receive before, but no, nothing. The guide book scares me.

Just crossed over into Germany and the train staff just casually strolled on the train with a GUN. As you do. Kei said that they are immigration control but I’m not convinced- especially considering they haven’t even ask for our passports or even our tickets for that matter and we have been on the train for 2 and a half hours. Kei is talking about how slightly different Germany looks to England. Slightly?! Our fricking train conductors do not hold us at gun point!

Ok so we are not actually held at gun point, but if the armed staff decide to start fishing through our bags, find this piece of writing, be massively offended that I called them immigration control (well Kei did but I think one of the 3 year relationship rules is that you should want to take a bullet for your partner, so I will, naturally). Then I will obviously get my brains blown out. Then with just Kei left they will find out that we jumped a poor little innocent tram back to ‘Weed-vile’ earlier on in the day, and then the “immigration control” will be sure to unite Kei’s brains with mine on the frickin window.

I’m just going to stop writing before I give them any more ammunition.

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