The Traveller’s Toes.

By the time we made our way up to bed it was about half one in the morning, so already we was pretty exhausted- especially after all the travelling. We opened the door to our room and that’s when it hit us. I had never experienced anything like it. It was the pure, rotten stench of feet that entirely engulfed the room that we were supposed to be resting our tired heads in.

Before I left home I prepared myself for the worst- spiders, theft, un-cleanliness, bed bugs, and getting beaten up. You know the normal stuff. But never had I imagined that I would encounter feet this smelly- I wasn’t even aware that feet could smell THAT bad! No words can truly describe the rawrity stench of those feet, but I think if you can imagine the smell of the remains of gnawed away flesh left out in the rain for 8 years, mixed with smoked cheese, then I think you will be able to sympathise.

When I breathed in I could feel the stinky waves of disgustingness eating away at my brain tissue. That was enough! The stench had got the better of me, and it was time to take action. After convincing myself and Kei that the toxicity coming from those toes was giving me brain damage, and after trying to get to sleep with a cheese and onion Pringle pot over my nose (even that couldn’t mask my senses, and that’s some pretty cheesy stuff),then we complained to reception.

Reception explained that there wasn’t much we could do about the man’s feet, as he would probably wake up when seeing a Rasta man and a 19 year old girl at the end of his bed, giving his feet a good scrub. The Receptionist did suggest that we bagged the cuprite’s shoes (that were also stinking out the room), as this would maybe make it slightly bearable. Bag in hand we marched back up to the room.

Bagging the trainers managed to contain some of the deathly aroma, and after performing a bit of ventilation door swinging, the room was just about bearable to sleep in. Either that or the smell knocked us unconscious I can’t remember?

To be honest I think everyone was thankful to us that night and possible even the stench producer himself.

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