Is this the calm before the storm?

Afternoon all,

There are now four days til we fly to New York and I feel strangely relaxed and almost indifferent. Is this usual? I don’t know. I was expecting to feel overwhelmingly excited but to be honest I just feel normal. Eight months away from home and I feel less excited than before my last fortnight’s holiday. That can’t be right can it?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not nerves or anything like that. I know when I get there I’ll have the time of my life, but for some reason right now I just feel the same as if it were any other day.

Anyway, I had my leaving party from work last friday and was surprised at the turnout. I’d spent so long looking forward to going away that I didn’t once consider what it’d be like to leave. It was actually quite sad and it was only when I came to go that I realised how much I valued the people I worked with, and also how much I was valued by them.

I’ll miss a lot of these people more than I ever expected and if any of you are reading this, thanks for making 50-odd hours of each and every week fun for me. You know who you are.

Right, back to my trip – Me, Lewis and Andy are flying at half past ten on Sunday morning and arrive in NY about lunchtime their time after a seven hour flight. We’re booked into a no-frills hostel in Chelsea Village – ( if you want to check it out) which is right in the centre of Manhattan.
I’ll send an update from there to let you know what we think of NY and also what a seven hour flight is like for someone who’s 2 metres tall and has to duck to walk through doorways. Most I’ve done so far is 3 and a half hours, so it’ll be a new experience for me.

May it be the first of many.


P.S. The poll is still open from my first post, just in case any of you people want to vote for me as the better looking brother. I imagine you must have just forgotten. That’s fine, but the quicker you get round to it the better you’ll feel.


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