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Updated 12 years, 8 months ago

Day 1!

We arrived in NY yesterday at midday NY time on the start of our round the world tour. On the transfer journey from JFK to our hostel in Chelsea we witnessed the things you'd expect to see in the projects of NY, ie burnt out cars, kids shooting hoops, taxis honking impatiently at each other and a full scale game of cricket, with them all dressed in full cricket whites, pads and all. What's that about? Only in America...
In the last day and a half we've walked about ten miles round Manhattan, seen all the touristy things like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Madison Square Gardens, Ground Zero etc, etc. We've eaten "The Finest Spaghetti and Meatballs in Manhattan" followed by a pot of English Breakfast tea, which for some reason they thought was best served out of a cafetiere. Apparently it's an 'aromatic toasty blend which is well suited to milk'. The Americans just don't seem able to get it quite right do they?
Anyway we're off up the Empire State Building tonight, which I can see from my bedroom window.
The hostel is a bit dodgy, the keys we're given fit every lock of every buliding and door in the block, and the lockers will come open even when padlocked. Worst of all, we turned up at 4 in the afternoon to find someone asleep in Lewis's bed who wasn't actually supposed to be staying in our dorm. Nice location though.
Over and out.

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