Every little thing, is gonna be alright

Bula everybody from Fiji!

Its great here. Instead of the airport security we experienced in the states, where if you even look at them funny they snap on the rubber gloves, we were welcomed through the gates by three Fijian men playing a reggae tune on the guitar and singing ‘Bula!’ to us. This literally translates as ‘Life’ but means ‘Have a good life’ and its a word you hear a lot here. People will say it to you in the street whether or not they know you, and its not a tourism thing, you see them saying it to each other too. Everywhere we drivew kids run out waving and adults stand in their gardens waving with broad grins. It makes a vast and pleasant change to the fake friendliness of half the states, or England, where people will pretty much cross the road to avoid even eye contact.
Anyway, we booked ourselves onto the Feejee experience bus, and I have to say its been absolutely brilliant. Ten out of ten. In the last few days we’ve been to two amazing islands (Nananu Ira and Beachcomber. I recommend an image search on google!), have sandboarded down dunes, trekked through mountainous rainforests, been to a local orphanage to meet the kids, floated down rapids on rubber rings, been on bamboo rafts down the same river, jumped in the plunge pool of a waterfall, been welcomed into a local village by the chief with a cava ceremony which is a way of accepting us as honorary villagers with a locally made drink which numbs your tongue and makes you sleepy…

I’m writing this from beachcomber island and they’re charging me a small fortune so I’d better get going. All thats left to say is that the amount you hear him here, you’d think Bob Marley was a Fijian. Can’t complain though.

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