A new dinosaur has been discovered in Queenstown

It’s to be named ‘Joesgotasoreass’.

I know, I know, I need to stay away from puns, they’re not big or clever, (which coincidentally is also the reason you shouldn’t mock retarded dwarves). I’m really ever so funny, I assure you all, but I’ve promised someone I’d make a few really bad jokes on here and am sticking to my word.

Yes, anyway. My backside is sore to a ridiculous extent, due to me landing on it very hard whilst snowboarding on a number of occasions over the past few days. The worst of these was where I landed on one cheek and the rest of me wanted to keep on going down the mountain. Don’t try to imagine the effects too hard, for your own sake.

I’m still walking though, so I’m happy with my performance so far. We’ve been to two resorts, namely The Remarkables and Coronet Peak. Yesterday Coronet Peak hosted the Big Air competition, where a number of snowboarders far more proficient than any of us leapt off a forty foot drop and did all sorts of spins and somersaults. Very impressive.

Changing the subject entirely for the final part of this post, it’s my birthday today, so show me some love.


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