Last Man Standing

When Lewis, Andy and I planned our trip all those months ago, I never thought I’d end up travelling alone by the end of it. If I’m honest, at the start of our travels the idea of going it alone would probably have filled me with dread.
Now I find myself in exactly that position. Nobody to watch my back, nobody to share a room with, nobody to talk to, nobody to travel with.

If at the start I’d have known that I would be faced with this situation, I probably would have planned to cut my trip short and go home at the same time as the other guys. I’ve never been a particularly independent decision maker you see, so the idea of finding my way through a few thousand miles of foreign territory, with foreign languages that I know barely three sentences of, and alphabets that I can’t read would have scared me off. In fact, it would probably have led me to do a Dr Zoidberg style scuttle and yelp to the relative safety of my sofa where I would have switched on Countdown (God rest his soul), hidden under some blankets and waited until all this nonsense about going travelling had blown over.
However, things can change, including my attitude.

‘I give you a week’ Andy said to me after he’d broken the news that he had to go home.

I chuckled to myself. ‘What, before I follow you home?’ I said, thinking he doubted I’d be able to hack travelling on my own for any length of time. The thought had never even crossed my mind about going home. I was actually quite looking forward to the challenge of going it alone, as sad as it is that Andy has had to cut it short.

‘No’ said Andy, beaming smugly, ‘I give you a week before you’re dead’ and then laughed at his joke for about the next ten minutes.

I’m really going to miss him.

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