sorry to moan…..

well hello!

firstly, can i just say ‘traveling on a budget’!!!
I dont know who thought of that clever idea but i think they were lying! Im feeling a little bitter because i have just paid for my insurance and my credit card is feeling rather poorly. I suppose i could have shopped around a bit more but everytime i read the small print on these cheaper policies i kept finding things that weren’t covered and being the accident prone person that i am, i didn’t want to risk it. Also im lazy and couldn’t be bothered.

Then there were jabs (all 10 of them, yellow fever really hurt and i felt like i actually had yellow fever for a few days), rucksack, medical kit-dont: know what im going to do with all those syringes, visas, discount cards, coach passes etc…

I think ive spent almost as much in preparation as the amount ive saved to take with me. Which, actually, isn’t that much. Im not going to tell you how much because im too embarassed and you’ll think i have my head in the clouds!
Any way I will stop moaning now that i’ve got all of that out of my system.

2 and a half weeks to go and i wish it was only 2 and half days- im so bored! Im restless and irritated and just bored! sorry sorry im moaning again.

I decided to keep this diary because i suddenly realised i had no idea how i felt about going!

‘are you more excited or nervous’ was the question

‘neither’ was my answer. ‘Just bored’

I’ve just been planning this trip for so long (booked twice and cancelled twice) that i think I thought that i would never actually go. I’ve got so used to the idea that im ‘Planning my trip’ that I forgot one day i would actually be going. Then 2 weeks ago i went to field and trek in slough to buy my rucksack and sleeping bag. By the way go to there and not millets to buy your stuff! Its cheaper, they have more selection and they know what they’re talking about. Sorry Millets, although I did buy a pink rain coat from you which I have already worn!

I’ll stop rambling and get to the point in a mo. after buying all that stuff and collecting my tickets from Sta travel I was still not excited or nervous. Just Bored. It wasn’t until i booked my accomodation in Hong Kong a few days ago that the adrenaline kicked in and i got that little wave of excitement. Since that glorious moment I haven’t been able to stop smiling, and even worse I keep laughing out loud for no reason- when im on my own! Im even laughing right now for no reason at all!

This was meant to be a short message, i got a bit carried away. So, 17 days to go. Im sooooo EXCITED!

Got loads to do before i go but il do it next week when i dont have to go to work! Yay!

I’lll write agin soon and bore you even more with more tales of……yep, you guessed it. Boredom.
Bye for now.

P.S As im writing this at the side of the screen there’s all these smiley faces that are flashing their teeth and winking at me so im going to stick one just here because they obviously want to be used! Dont know how to do it so dont know if it will work tho. 🙄

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