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7 days to go

Updated 13 years, 3 months ago

I really can't believe it's October! I never ever thought my leaving date would arrive and now its only days to go. This time next week I will be in the departure lounge all alone with my stomach probably in my feet and my life in my rucksack (I like to be dramatic) and this time next week plus another hour I will be on that plane with no turning back!

I'm still waiting for the nerves to kick in- it hasn't happened yet. In fact the only thing I'm worried about is that I'm not worried at all. I'm sure once I've actually packed, the nerves and that sick feeling will suddenly creep upon me. Or maybe not?!

After one week off work I still dont feel that I'm any more prepared in the sense that I haven't bought anything else apart from a mosqito net that I have been playing with. There are 5 different ways to pin it up! I keep making lists of things to do and buy but I still havn't crossed anything off. It's all the uninteresting stuff still to do like buying batteries, writing down all the emergency numbers and photocoying insurance policies to give to my family. Not to mention that I still have to pack! I really hate packing!! At the moment everything is up together, apart from my clothes, and its just stuffed into my rucksack with no organisation at all and I would be quite happy to leave it that way. The only problem is that it's full and I haven't even decided what clothes I'm taking apart from the all important bikini and flip flops!

The other small problem is that I cant lift it. Fine at the moment because I can drag it across the carpet and heave it up onto the check-in conveyor belt but what happens when I get to Hong Kong and I have to carry it from the airport to the hostel on my own? I think I'll have to do some serious practice this week.

Well, the count down has really started now! (even though I stopped counting weeks and started counting days at around 10 weeks- I think it was day 74. And yes, I did number all the days on my calender)!

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