1 1/2 days to go

Just in case you cant work that out- I GO TOMORROW!!

today is the 9th and tomorrow is the 10th Oct 2004. my leaving date. 10th October 2004. No, no matter how many times I say it, it still hasn’t hit me yet so I’m guessing that it wont. And where are the nerves? They haven’t arrived either! I’m still laughing and haven’t started crying, although I came close when saying goodbyes last night. That was really sad and I just kept asking everyone to come with me, and then I’d go into denial and say ‘I’m not really going, see you next friday’.

I knew that I would probably leave everything until the last minute and I would probably procrastinate a little but I didn’t think I would be this unorganised! Yesterday, I realised that I had forgotten to start taking anti malarials, in fact I forgot I even had them, (thinking about now, I’m still not sure where I’ve put them, maybe in my hand luggage). I dont want to start taking them in case I get nasty side effects, but I think thats why I was supposed to start taking them now, in case I do react badly to them! Oh well, they have hospitals in Thailand, dont they?!

I also forgot to reconfirm my flight at least 72 hours before hand. If you dont you may lose your seat but it was ok in the end because with BA you dont have to. So why do they plaster it accross your ticket in bold letters ‘Reconfirm All flights Prior to Departure’, maybe it’s to try and panic us.

What else, oh yes, I forgot to cancel my phone contract which I think actually might turn out to be a good thing because I’ll still have my number for another month which means I can keep in contact via text! At least it will be good to have in emergencies because I wasn’t planning to use my phone until I got to Australia.

I have now managed to pack, well sort of. I did plan to try it several times and see which way was best and most comfortable, practical etc but in the end, once I put everything in I didn’t want to take it all out again! I know that everything is in there but I just cant remember where it all is but thats half the fun, I think. Lets play find the tooth brush. I also have to just note, that my rucksack only ways 13 kilos! thats way under the limit and I’m quite impressed with myself, I really didn’t think I’d be able to get all my possessions weighing less than 20 kilos. Unless, of course, that means I’ve left out something heavy and important. There’s also a tiny bit of space left in the top- any small people out there want to come with me!

Right, I’m off now to do some more last minute bits including some very important research fo New Zealand- watching ‘Lord of the Rings’. I thought I should, then I’ll know what everyone is talking about when they say ‘look, there’s hobbiton/mount doom’. I’m sure there’s more things that I’ve forgotten, but I’ll find that out when I get there!

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