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Hi from Hong Kong

Updated 13 years, 3 months ago

Well I made it!

The flight was horrible- the worst 12 hours of my life! It started badly because I didn't know until 5 minutes before the flight was due to leave that I would be on that flight! When I tried to check in all the seats were booked so they asked me if I would be willing to take 250 pounds to go on a flight 4 hours later- obviously I said yes and then when all the paper work had been done and they were just about to hand over the cash, a seat became available. Typical. So I had to be escorted down to the gate which involved running for a full 15 minutes and then every one stared at me thinking it was me that delayed the flight by an hour!

Anyway I didn't sleep at all on the flight and just felt ill for the whole 12 hours. I've never been travel sick in my life- I really dont think it should start now. Hopefully it was just a one off. I'm so tired I can hardly see what I'm doing so I hope this makes sense. I met a lovely Amercian couple at the airport who tried to convince me I had SARS just because I sneezed in the passport check queue!

I found my way to the hostel no problem. I wasn't even nervous when I got to the airport, I just strolled through like it was my own home and got on a bus that I hoped would bring me here- to Comfort Lodge. Its a bit hazy today but it makes the mountains look very dramatic. It reminds me a bit of Greece actually.

I'm gonna have to go now because think I'm about to faint! I'll give you a better update when I'm not feeling so delirious!

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