the road to haad rin

hey all you full mooners out there I joined the club! and im still in one piece apart from having lost my voice, but I had a sore throat before the party so cant blame it on that! The full moon party on Koh Pha gnan was so much better than I expected, after hearing so much negativity about it I was beginning to think I wouldn’t bother but then I always said I would have to try for myself before deciding, and it was brilliant! I think it really got into swing at around 5.30 am but dont know if this was maybe due to the fact that by then id been dancing for nearly 12 hours and had nearly 12 buckets of sangsom mix! (no, I didn’t really have 12. Im not that hard core).

spent a few days on the island before the party just relaxing. Again our bungalow was right on the beach so I didn’t have to go far to relax. The only problem was that the restaurant was up about 100 steps and that wasn’t so much fun. The resort was so remote that there was really no where else to go so in the evenings everyone stayed in the restaurant and it became a bit like a common room with people lying down, playing games and listening to U2. The owner Loy was great and continually entertained us when he wasn’t relaxing in his own hammock!
I spent most of my time with two crazy dutch girls Karlien and Femke who are travelling south east asia for 3 months. On one of the evenings they had the crazy idea to walk to the nearest town to get food. It took us 2 hours, but it was well worth it because the sunset was absolutely stunning over the water.crazy but fun.

The full moon party is on the southern tip of the island in a town called haad rin or hat rin depending on which map or sign you look at. Those of you who have been there will know exactly what I mean when I mention the road. I was constantly getting emails and texts from people I’d met saying ‘we made it to the island, oh my god the road is like a roller coaster, maybe we can take a speed boat instead to the party.’

It really is like a rollercoaster and I love rollercoasters so I loved the road to haad rin. but there were plenty who didn’t! The first time I went on the road was on the way to the bungalows so there we were with our luggage precariously balanced on the roof and 8 of us crammed into the open back truck style taxi as it chugged up the 45 degree road. Thick black smoke roared from the exhaust straight into my face and I was clinging on to the ceiling so I didn’t fall out. If I’d fallen out, I’d be dead. or seriously injured. I really thought we would have to get out and push at one point. We didn’t but I did hear of people who did have to get out and push.

The last time I went on the road was on the way back from the party. Luckily Im not hard core enough to drink 12 buckets of sangsom stuff (thai whiskey by the way, its lovely), so I was feeling fine after only a few and also, I love rollercoasters. The other 7 people on the truck had obviously had far more than 12 whatevers. Wish I’d had a camera! I did feel sorry for them. This was around 8.30 am and at 12 I got on a ferry which was also amusing to watch, then I got on a coach and 17 hours later at I arrived in Bangkok for take 2.

I’m waiting for my visas for cambodia and Laos so im staying in the infamous Khao San Road which is just like I imagined. A constant noise, but thats ok! I can do noise, the bit I dont like is having no voice because it makes communicating with Thais and Westereners even more difficult. And people just laugh at me. No change there then!

Well im off to Chiang Mai on tuesday night (another 12 hour over night bus journey) to visit the hill tribes. Hopefully I will have my voice back by then.

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