half way between the city and the clouds

Ahh. Have fallen in love with Bangkok. Yes, really, with its its eccentricity. Its such a vibrant and energetic city. where else would you get 24 hour rush hour?

for my second stop in this chaotic city I headed fro Khao san road, the complete opposote side of the city to my last stay. So for three days I was wrapped in the security blanket of the Khao san road with its gherish decor and swell of sunburnt and confused farang. many hours were spent watching the dazed back packers wander up and down the road as though they have somewhere to go. Then 10 minutes later they wander back and they’ve obviously been no where except the end of the road, got scared then turned around again.

Bangkok, is at first a chaotic and overwhelming city but after a while the insanity of the ruthless or should I say toothless tuk tuk drivers begins to amuse. Along with increasingly aggressive taxi drivers and the women who throw bird seed at you as you walk ‘confidently’ along the road hiding from the enevitable ‘I’ll take you anywhere for 20 baht- Lucky buddha, Standing buddha, special temple only open today…’ How can you not love it?

I bumped in to a guy called Matt and Khao san Central restaurant while having my breakfast. After about 30 seconds we quickly established that we had both been on Koh Tao diving at the same time. It was perfect timing as I was still missing the island and needed to talk dive with someone and he was feeling the same! it turns out he was a dive master in the same dive school where I did my course. He would have been around everyday and we even discovered we had been drinking in the same bar on the same nights! Anyway, got the full low down on becoming a dive master and its definitely what I want to do. now its just about time and money so we’ll see.

That evening we went to the classiest place in Bangkok. Vertigo. Its a restaurant on top of the tallest building in bangkok, the Banyan Tree Hotel. Dinner was a little more expensive than your average 50 baht plate of noodles but the views and the atmosphere were breath taking. I couldn’t believe that we were right in the middle of Bangkok. we could see all the noise, all the energy and all the lights but we couldn’t here anything other than the soft jazz playing in the restaurant. Matt decided that we were about half way between the city and the clouds and I reckon he was right. Its a must do for Bangkok.

So from our high point we went straight to bangkoks low point. Patpong.I wont say too much about it other than that it was an experience and probably one that I wont need to repeat! you should go though, just to see it for your self.

Now im in chiang mai and tomorrow I go on a 3 day jungle trek. I have no idea what this entails but il find out soon!

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