ha ha ha ha why not

The famous last words of our jungle trek guide before we killed him after repeating this very phrase at least 10 times an hour! ha ha ha ha ha why not.

So guess who’s not cut out for jungle trekking? Me! It was supposed to be a 3 day trek but it should really have called 3 day torture. Ok it wasn’t really that bad, the first day was up hill only- for 3 hours solid and im not talking slow walking pace im talking lets run up this mountain! Not to mention that we had to carry enough stuff for 3 days. looking back, it doesn’t seem that bad but I remember saying to one of my fellow trekkers as we were cursing our guide that when we got back we wouldn’t remember the pain. Oh the pain! I can still remember it but now it just seems funny. I wasn’t the only one struggling by the way! It really was tough im not just being a wimp!

On a more positive note, the whole 3 days were more than worth it. Playing with the hill tribe children just made my day. In one of the villages there were 2 deaf mute teenagers and they had a younger brother who was 7 who could hear but was so used to signing that he didn’t like to talk. We had great fun signing with them in their own made up sign language. It was a great feeling that we could share jokes with them even though they live in a far away place with no electricity and only cold running water and only a fire for entertainment. I think every one wanted to adopt a child and take them home. They sang and danced for us and then we put ourselves to shame by singing for them. Apparently they’ve heard head shoulders knees and toes before! they even got the actions better than we did!

as well as singing silly songs around the fire and drinking large amounts of whiskey we also did elephant trekking (up hill all the way- quite scary) white water rafting and bamboo rafting. It was definitely wet and wild! To my surprise I didn’t ache one bit when we got back. I must be fitter than I thought, or maybe the beers that night helped. drinking far too much beer at the moment.

The day after the trek I thought I’d try my hand at thai cooking. I am the master chef! I can honestly say compliments to the chef. My paneang curry was amazing. I dont know what it will taste like when I try it in my own kitchen without supervision but if I get stuck I can ring the cooking school and they’ll talk me through over the phone. Such nice people.
On my last dish I burnt my cashew nuts but im sure it wasn’t my fault. Im sure one of the chefs turned up the heat while a I was carefully measuring the oyster sauce. Still tasted great though. Was a bit offended when one of the chefs said my curry was farang curry- just because I didn’t use 10 chillis in it! 3 was enough for me and it still took away the roof of my mouth. I had to take a tuk tuk back to my guest house which was two door away because I had eaten so much.

Any way, having recovered from over dose of walking and eating I now get to sit down for 3 days because thats how long it takes to get from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand to Luang Prabang in central Laos. 1 day mini bus and 2 days slow boat. very slow boat. Its gonna be so much fun.
Im really looking forward to getting to Laos, apparantly Beer Lao doesn’t give you a hangover- and it tastes lovely. You cant buy it in Thailand but one of the guys on the trek smuggled some back and it went down well!

on a final note I just have to say, I love the modes of transport around these parts. Im really going to miss hanging out the back of a truck hoping that that people clinging to the roof wont fall on me!

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