well the internet doesn’t really work in Vietnam but im doing well today so far- 10 minutes and it hasn’t crashed yet. If you’re reading this then I think it will be a miracle.

im currently stranded in Hoi An at the moment and just waded through knee deep water to get from guest house to town centre. When I say knee deep, I mean knee deep for most average sized people. Me being only 5ft, its more like waist deep. The vietnamese people who are living here are all very confused. would love to attach a picture of the flood and their faces but fear that the computer may die. It mentions typhoons in the trusted lonely planet and in Hue, a town slightly further north they said it always rains and they always have floods. Here they say the same, but from the look on their faces and the organisational farce you would think that they had never even seen rain!

Anyway, I wanted to leave here tonight now that I am feeling better after my 4 day bout of gastroenteritis (note to myself- never get sick in vietnam, they dont even sell mosquito spray so what hope did I have). The bus leaving tonight has been cancelled and they dont know about tomorrow yet. they think there maybe some sun but they’re not sure. ‘sun tomollow’ has been said for 5 days now so not believing that there will be ‘sun tomollow’ and fear that I may be stuck here forever. The nearest airport is an hour away but guess what- no way of getting there either!

The plan at the moment is to get to Saigon asap and get on a flight to Cambodia, spend about 1 day there and then go back to thailand! yay! but i know by now that its not possible to plan these things. I said in my last post I was just about to board a bus to Hue, well that didn’t happen and it ended up being a nightmare 3 day journey of local buses piled to the ceiling with vietnamese people and sugar. I’ve tried to love it but its just not happening. I wanna get outta here! (note to myself- fly from Laos to Vietnam next time. Next time!?)

I suppose it is quite fun to be wading through floods and watching a mixture of boats and bicycles meander down the road but when im recovering from food poisoning and only allowed to eat rice and water and 3 different ‘medicines’ its suddenly not fun anymore.

Today had been my first full day out of bed, I was about to go mad having only 4 walls and a ceiling for company and today I still think im about to go crazy. To find a nice restaurant serving rice and water i have to wade through waist deep water, and I know for a fact that this water hasn’t come from the sky its comes from below the ground. Still, this is the real vietnam, cone hats and ponchos and all! you have to laugh. maybe il go all out tonight and order noodles instead! I bet you’re all so jealous.

😥 he he he he he he he he

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