tsunami- phi phi

Hello all

well ive been terrible at keeping my diary. The reason being that for the past month I’ve been living on the beautiful island of phi phi doing the same thing everyday. Either diving or relaxing on the beach. I had just begun my dive master course and planned to stay on the island until march. id managed to get a nice place to stay at discount rate and the great thing about working for a dive shop is that you get discount in all the bars a restaurants. my ideal life.

im writing this post from the uk after flying home yesterday. I insisted on walking through arrivals to meet my worried but extrememly relieved parents but i had spent the previous 4 days in a wheel chair.

After partying hard on christmas day i was in bed when i heard a horrific loud noise, it sounded like a train was approaching very very fast. I later compared the noise to that of a plane taking off or landing. The guy I was living with got up to look out of the window and he didn’t even have time to tell me what he saw before the wall collapsed and the whole room was engulfed my the wave. It was less than a second between me seeing the water come through the wall to it pushing me through the back wall and through the rest of the building. I have no idea what really happened but I remember feeling as though I was being sucked into a cave. I dont know how long I was under water for but a miracle happened- the roof collapsed and I was able to get to the surface. I couldn’t believe I was alive but that was only the start of my nightmare.

To cut a long terryfying story short Im extremely lucky to escape with only cuts and bruises. I have a few deep cuts on my legs and ankle that will take a while a to heal and I can hardly walk. My legs are scraped to pieces but the only other injuries I have are a blackeye and a broken toe. lucky lucky lucky.

I have so many people to thank for saving my life- many of whom I have seen on the news- they are still out there helping. Thank you to the guy who jumped in the water to save me, thank you to the guy who carried me up the mountain that night and thank you to the swedish guys that carried me to the helicopter to be taken to hospital the next day. Im amazed and so grateful for the way the thai nationals handled the disaster. I was well looked after by the thai people and cant thank them enough. My thoughts go to the local people of the island-I knew many of them. I lost my luggage but they lost everything.

I now plan to spend a couple of months in the uk to recover physically and mentally then I will be continuing on my travels to austrailia. If anyone has been affected by the disaster and wants to talk with me then please email me- sarahc1982@hotmail.com

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