arak attack

so…Im in Bali. It wasn’t planned but I just woke up one day and thought id like to go to bali.
Well beer is cheap in bali, theres bintang the beer of indonesia and bali hai, the beer of bali. I’ve also discovered a new drink called arak attack. Arak is the local bali spirit made from rice. Actually most things in bali are made from rice and ive seen enough paddy fields to last 6 or 7 life times.
The arak gets mixed with…err anything really. Each time I have it its a different colour and different taste- nothing like variety! And it makes the evening great.

Spent a week on the gili islands fighting of armed bandits, well they were armed with mosquito coils and plastic good luck charms. Spent our time snorkling and just relaxing really and trying to say a final goodbye to all the tsunami stress.
We then travelled back through lombok to Bali and stayed in Kuta for a few days watching the surfers.
Next stop was Ubud where we delighted in the evenings’ entertainment of bali dancing. beats TV anyday. We saw the story of rama and sita- you know the story, everyone did it at school where they go into the jungle then rama is captured and sita is kept safe by a circle…The costumes they had were amazing, I almost thought they had real monkeys on the stage.

Speaking of monekys, they’re everywhere! As we drove through Lombok and Bali on the ‘buses’ there were monkeys on the roads scavanging for food. There are vigilante monkeys that like to steal things so we tried to keep clear. Today we saw 2 little baby monkeys chained up as pets which was a bit sad to see.
Ubud and Bali in general is the place to shop shop shop! So I’ve had a great time buying lots of wooden things that I jhave no idea how to get home in one piece. There are rows and rows of shops selling everything from magic boxes (??? i dont know whats magic about them) to huge carvings of dragons.
We hired a car and a driver from Ubud and drove up north where we went to the botanical gardens and waterfalls and got absolutely soaked from the spray. We also slept in a temple one night with gold on all the doors. We felt like royalty.

The best bit of bali so far has to be the dolphin spotting yesterday. We heaved ourselves out of bed at 5.30 in the morning and our captain picked us up from the room and took us to the boat which can only be described as a dug out canoe with stabilisers. There were no seats but a plank of wood is precariously placed across the top and you hang on for dear life. Under a full moon we sailed out miles and saw hundreds of dolphins doing their thing, ‘frolicking’. we followed them for about an hour and they were so close we could almost touch. We eventually sailed back to the beach under a full sun and went back to bed for a couple of hours.
We’re staying in a place called lovina at the moment and today we visited the hot springs where we swam in the boiling hot natural mineral water and had a jacuzzi. This after noon Im having a full body massage. Such a hard life.

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