attack of the leeches

greetings from borneo!

Im staying in a city called Kuching in the state of Sarawak in Borneo.
I didn’t know until I got here that Kuching is the malay word for cat
so im actually staying in cat city and they really love their cats!
All over the city there are statues of cats, one consists of 9 cats
and is sponsered by whiskers and one of them is about 12 foot tall!

We thought it would be appropriate to visit the cat museum up on a
hill ( a vey high hill that we had to climb). It was suggested that if
you weren’t fond of feline friends then the cat museum should be
missed but even though im not fond of felines I was curious. And I was
impressed, I even bought a wooden souvenir cat.
Part of the museum was dedicated to the importance of cats in the
different asian countries…so did you know………..

In malaysia, they use cats as rain makers in a ritual that involves
half drowning..only half drowning tho! but they do have special
funerals for them

In China, they dont think that much of them but if one licks its face
in your house it means that you will meet a stranger. and also the
chinese name for cat is ‘mao’. after the noise they make.

In egypt, the meows are very sacred and when they die they are
mumified. just like their owners. A pyramid was discovered containing
3000 cat mummys.

In japan, a guy called tsuda thought the best use for cats was to
train them to stand on all fours and dress them up in leather jackets
or maids outfits. what ever floats your boat tsuda! The
pictures/posters of the cats are quite funny tho, some would even say
cute and the guy is now a millionaire so who can argue.

The malaysians do like their stuffed animals too. In the sarawak
museum there’s everything from buffalo to bats and crocodiles to
crabs. I also got to learn about how oil is made- and that if there
was no oil we would all be naked and have no tv. Glad we have oil

Yesterday we ventured out into the jungle to see some real live
animals. we got on a bus that had serious clutch problems. about half
wway there it started raining cats and more cats. Real jungle rain and
as it was sunny when we left we had not taken our 90p umbrellas. We
decided to try and walk a bit anyway as we’d come all this way and
made our way up a 45 degree road towards the jungle. I thought
tropical rainstorms were warm and finished after half an hour. This
rain was big and fat and very painful and freezing cold. We put up
with it for about an hour (honestly, you’ve never seen rain like it)
then gave up and sat at the bus stop knowing we’d have to wait about
an hour. But miracles sometimes happen and we managed to hitch a lift
with a kind couple and their baby back to the city. We didn’t even
have nice warm showers to get into. Instead we realised we’d made some
The bloodsucking leech type of friend. The little suckers took lots of
blood and now both james and I have big holes in our feet. Not a nice

However, we did manage to go to another national park (more jungle) to
see orangutans and they’d just had babies. The came really close and
everyone got very excited when one mother and baby actualled climbed
down from the tree and stood on the ground next to us……until we
were told that the last person who got to close needed 24 stictches.
we backed away slowly.

Today we went to a cultural village to wee the different tribes of
malaysia and one of the guys invited me to join him in smoking through
a home made bamboo bong. It was only tobacco! we also had a go at
playing traditional iban tribe musical intruments (ok, saucepan lids
and bits of wood) still fun tho!

We fly back to Kuala lumpur tomorrow night so we’ll prob spend
tomorrow getting drunk by the river or something…

PS did you know….if a cat is deprived of sleep for a week it dies.

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