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during my last week in asia i heard a song called ‘truly asia’ about how malaysia is the heart/soul of asia! it was a very annoying song that stuck in my head for days but now ive left asia after an amazing 5 months altogether i wondered what is ‘truly asia’ so i decided to compile a little list of favourite things. Its a bit jumbled because ive forgotten places ive been to and place names but here goes…

Favourite country: Laos- with dusty roads, very friendly locals and more waterfalls than people or temples its the perfect place to relax and get to know what asia is all about.

Favourite city: Hong Kong- its got everything, citylife, beaches, mountains, chinese food and the jade market. The harbour is absolutely stunning day and night and the ferry costs 20p!

Best views:

The peak, Hong Kong. Take a scary bus ride to the top of the mountain and see the whole of the harbour and kowloon.

Petronas Towers, Kualur Lumpur. A definite vertigo experience, not for the faint hearted. The city looks like a toy town 200ft below.

Vertigo Restaurant, Bangkok. Best at night, the lights over the river are so pretty, you can watch the kaos of bangkok without
hearing a sound

Volcano Gunung Anung, Bali. you can see it from almost anywhere on the island but the best view is from the plane as it ‘peaks’ above the clouds

Places to chill:

Kowloon park, Hong Kong. The park has outdoor pools, lakes, statues and even a fitness trail if you’re feeling energetic

Vang Vieng, Laos- a day floating on the river on a tube with a couple of beer lao’s is the best way to top up the tan. Any waterfall in laos is also great for having a swim.

Phi Phi island, Thailand- on the beach, up at view point, at hippies bar or scuba. Phi Phi really was the cloesest to paradise ive ever been.

Lumphini park, Bangkok- escape the madness that is bangkok, although its very close to great shopping. Theres even a boating lake with pedalos and refreshing sprinklers to keep you cool.

Nicest beaches:

Any beach on Phi Phi island, the quieter ones only reached by taxi boat are the best.

Koh Lanta beaches are less crowded, perfect for sandcastles and other sand art work!

Lovina beach, Bali. Exellent dolphin watching and snorkeling.

Best food:

Satay chicken- Kuta in Bali

Buffalo- Luang Prabang, Laos

Do it yourself seafood bbqs- Luang Prabang, Laos

Sweet chili pork- Hong Kong

Red snapper- Phuketm Thailand

Best Journey:

3 day slow boat ride from Lao to Thailand- bit uncomfortable with wooden seats but the caves and villages along the river should be seen.

crossing the border from Laos to vietnam was interesting and took 3 days with buses that broke down, trains, tuks tuks, an overnight stay in a train bus station with no electricity and lots of pointing to get over the langauge barrier!

Canoing from vang vieng to vientienne in Laos- very wet but beats the mini bus anyday!

Best alcoholic beverages: (the most important of all)!

Sangsom straight from the bottle! or with coke and redbull mised into a bucket

Beer lao- the beer that tastes lovely but doesn’t give you a hangover and costs about 40p a bottle.

Arak- rice liquor from bali- goes with anything.

well thats about all I can remember for now but im sure ive missed something important.
Moving on to pastures new, im now trying to discover flavour of australia!

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