raining koalas and kangas

well this morning when i opened the patio door of my little appartment
in Noosa I was greeted good morning by a garden full of kangaroos.
They were just outside eating the grass. There were a few peacocks
having fun in the bbq area too!

After we left cold rainy sydney we took a 14 hour bus ride to byron bay and id
heard good word that it was sunny and warm so was quite excited but
when we got there is very grey and miserable. We started a walk along
cape byron to the light house but half way there it absolutely chucked
it down and we got very wet and cold.
Luckily at our incredibly cheap hostel there was a dvd player so that
passed the time. The rain did hold off long enough for us to have a
surfing lesson!

Yep i thought the best way to conquer my fear of waves was to go
surfing. we were picked up in a mini bus and driven around to lots of
beaches but the waves were too big, too small, to far in etc so I
thought that i might be let off the hook but then we found ‘perfect
conditions’. damn. my heart was beating quite fast at this point.

A couple of people piped up in the back that there were a bit nervous
too. They’d heard about this big wave that wiped out an island in
thailand, but didn’t people manage to surf it?!’
ha ha ha ha how we laughed.

‘Yeah we’re a bit scared too’ we said sheepishly. ‘we tried surfing
the tsunami but look what happened.’ (show my still reddidh/purple

The driver/surf instructor now also becomes interested so we tell our
story. People are now even more scared. It didn’t get us off the hook
After complaining that my wetsuit was too big/long (we dont have child
sizes, he said, how rude) and my surf board was was too big/heavy, I
was pushed into the sea with no sympathy or special treatment.

well here goes…. I lie on the board, the instructor says, ‘heres the
wave, I’ll push you on it and then you stand up, ok?’

OK……………Oh my god………….. water over my head….very
scared..Hold on….im standing up woohoo! Still standing………still
So I did it. I stood up most times and even got turning thoses
corners. I only got knocked out my surf board once and it was a
similar feeling to drowning in tsunamis but I wasn’t going to let that
stop me. Now I cant wait to do it again but haven’t been able to
because it rained in surfers paradise, Brisbane and Noosa.
If it doesn’t stop raining soon Il be able to surf the streets.

A couple of days ago we went to the koala sanctury and we got to hold
koalas, They’re very soft and cuddly, and cute, Id like one as a pet.
We also got to feed baby kangaroos and big kangaroos. The baby ones
just lick the food off you’re hand but the bigger ones have sharp
we just went koala spotting on the noosa national park but apparantly
they dont like the rain, so they were hiding somewhere.

up to rainbow beach next for the fraser island experience and some didgeridoo painting and playing

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