seriously green fingers

For the last few weeks whenever asked what are my plans, I casually metion, ‘Oh heading up north, fruit picking in childers on the way. I receive 1 of 2 reactions.
a) where the hell is childers?
b)roarcous laughter.

Diary of a fruit picker Day 1

we stepped off the bus at bus stop/petrol station and I asked where churchill road was. I was told there is only one road in childers and i was on it. To get to Sugar Bowl caravan park, I had to walk 1km. Off we trekked. After numerous people informed us it was really hard to get work we resorted to ‘Harvest Hotline’ and they guaranteed us work paid at an hourly rate.
we were greeted with ‘no, theres no work’.
‘no, I cant tell you when we next get work’
‘no, I cant be be helpful.’
So we headed 2 km in the opposite direction and stumbled upon a workers hostel. great! There’s no work today but in a couple of days they’ll be loads.

Day 2

Bored. Raining. Nowhere to go. The place is filthfy and inhabited by zombies and other strange beings. sharing a room with knife wielding maniac and friend. About 7 pm the work list goes up. We’re not on it but decide we’ll ge up early anyway and see if theres room on the bus. Knife wielding maniac isn’t happy with the list and starts threatning the work list deviser who runs away. The words ‘I’ll kill him’ and every swear word in the book are shouted.
At 8 pm we head off to bed as we have a 4,30am start. we hear shouting again and then ‘i’ll stab him, I’ll stab him.’ suddenly the door bursts open and lockers are kicked and punched a lot.He says, ‘anyone who wants a fight come to room 11.’ great.
we pretend to be asleep but he talks to us anyway, then he pulls an 8 inch kitchen knife from under the bed and walks out again. for about 2 hours we hear more strange noises then hes comes back in complaining that his knife has been confiscated. Instead he grabs sir snorealots poi stick and we hear more bashing outside and occassionally in our room. At 10.30 the police are eventually called and he’s arrested.

Finally some sleep…or maybe not. In come sir snorealot and friend. It sounded like a tractor with engine failure and reverberated off every surface. I cant even physically make a sound that loud. Even the staff downstairs heard it.

Day 3

Up at 4.30 am after 1 1/2 hours sleep. Takes 1 hour to get to the farm. When we got there the farmer decided he didn’t want workers that day so we drove all the way back.

Day 4

Up at 6.30am. Start picking tomatoes at 9.30am. By 11 ive picked 5 buckets and ready to quit. By 5pm ive picked 35 buckeys of tomatoes at $1.50 a bucket. So after 8 solid hours with no break I didn’t even make enough money to cover 1 nights rent.
Even though I wore gloves my hands got covered and are now stained in greeny black stuff.
My trousers, legs and trainers got covered and are now stained in reddy brown stuff.

Day 5

Alarm goes off at 4.30am. I cant move. My legs, back, arms and finger tips are crippled. Accidently fall back asleep. At 7am I get up and force myself to eat as mucg free breakfast as possible just to get my moneys worth out of this horrible expensive hostel. Im in so much pain.

My fruit picking days were short lived.

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