big blue

15th july

I made my hand into a fin shape with fingers pointing upwards and placed it on my forehead. My buddy looked confused and then suddenly twigged. Shark! The we were were diving the great barrier reef at night for the first time without a guide or instructor. Just the two of us and jaws. We both shone our torches into the black sea and hovered. The shark swam towards us, its green eyes glowing in the dark. It glided straight up to us so we were face to face or should i say face to teeth. It curiously followed the light from our torches then settled on the sand. For a while my buddy and I explored the surrounding coral and it circled us searching for food..

I checked my depth and air. 15 metres and 50 bar left; time to resurface. My night dive was over. My first dive since nearly drowning and i didn’t think i would be able to do it. The next morning at 5.30 i strugled out of bed and all suba’d up just as the sun was rising i plunged the waters again this time seeing sharks and turtles. 10 dives later my liveabaord trip ends and i finally have my confidence back. Now nothing will stop me diving again.

Still need a bit of practive on navigation though! On two of the dives I ended up so far away from the boat the dingy had to come and pick us up! oops.

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