giant sands

23rd july

They dont call the sand dunes at Te paki ‘giant’ for no reason. At the most northerly point of the the north island of New Zealand the sand dunes heave up and down for miles, ocean to ocean. We parked our campervan in a stream at the bottom and carried our hired sand sledges. we climbed. It was a case of 2 steps forward one step back. At the top we all collapsed and pretended to be taking pictures while getting out breath and balance back. The boys went first. Whoosh! A few seconds later they peeled themselves out of the sand laughing and screaming to go again. The girls turn; me and michelle peered down the giant dune and let go. The sand rushed towrds me, it was amazing how fast we were going. Out of the corner of my eye i saw michelle come out of her sledge and bounce a little way. I turned to watch and then BUMP. My slede and I flipped in the air and I landed face first. My legs soon followed and with my back and neck bent in half my feet went over my head and landed on the sand. I kept going. 2 more flips then finally stopped face down. For a few secnds i couldn’t move then I lifted my face and removed the the grains from my mouth and eyes. I swallowed a ton. Everything hurt. My face felt disfugured and my toes felf broken but mostly my back was in agony. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching with a bruised back and ego, although refusing to be defeated i ignored the pain for one last attempt but only went half way up the dune. ouch

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