flying high

6th august

Row row row your boat this is how we fly…
merrily merrily merrily merrily we’re all going to die…

I didn’t think much of my tandem master Adrian’s choice of song at at 12000 ft and rising.
‘Oh no’! He suddenly exclaims ‘I’ve given you xlarge harness instead of xsmall. You’re gonna fall out’.

Luckily I was too excited to be nervous about falling 15000 ft out of a plane. Clear blue sky, no clouds, no haze, no wind. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect day for the 5 of us to take the plunge. On goes the hat, goggles and gloves. We’ve reached 15000ft now. The door on our little yellow plane opens. Im sure the wind is going to suck me out. I look around and just as I thought the girls are ready to go and the boys look petrified. I cant stop laughing.

‘Put your legs all the way outside the plane, cross your arms on your chest smile for the camera then jump,’ Adrian says.

‘Cheese’….Whoosh…falling very very very fast…and Im flying! I can see coast to coast, Mt taranaki (mt fuji in the last samuri) on one side of nz and white island on the other. Below me is lake taupo and the spreading mountains of tongariro (mordor) covered in snow. We spin round and round as we freefall for 60 seconds at 200km an hour. Finally the parachute opens and my cheeks return to their natural state. I skillfully steer us to the landing spot and we come down to earth on our bums in a pile of giggles. Best 5 minutes of my life! ‘Id go back up anytime,’ I tell Adrian.

2 days later…as a birthday treat im back up in the little yellow plane. This time we did a back flip after jumping so i saw the plane get small very quickly. I even got to steer the spins during the freefall. So ive done 2 15000 ft jumps does that mean I’ve jumped 30000 ft out of a plane?!

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