back out of the outback

10th october 2005

sorry its been a while but ive been in places so remote even the kangaroos and emus dont know where they are or where the nearest interent cafe is! 4 of us, all our luggage and camping gear piled into a ford falcon to travel 5000km north. It was a little cosy, my knee was in my eye and my foot was in someones elses ear but we just about managed to fit. Just us and the open road. And the millions of dead kangas taking up valuable road space.

spent the last 4 weeks driving up the west coast and through the outback up to darwin, as far north as you can go. We’ve been stopping along the way on deserted beaches and swimming in huge fresh water gorges and canyons. Did some diving in exmouth. Saw a fish that was bigger than me and heard the whales in the distance. When i was paddling at coral beach a shark swam right past my toes. lucky it wasn’t hungry.

Been hanging out with the locals, including thousands of bats that live in caves and trees and sound like cackling witches, and the freshies! (fresh water crocs). These are the non human eating ones and instead of running after us they run away from us when we chase them with our cameras.
Other locals include the lovely fruitfly. You aint seen nothing like it! oh my god there were thousands all around our heads. If i wore a white top it looked black cos there are so many and because the live in the desert they are desperate for water so they crawl in your nose, ears, mouth and mainly eyes, and stay there. trying to clean my teeth in the middle of nowhere was interesting cos at some point i had to open my mouth.

Not much to do in the evenings, it gets dark at 6 and we were camping in the middle of nowhere on red ‘clothes staining’ desert rock. where we were allowed we built fires, chopped veggies for dinner in the dark and watched the hundreds of shooting stars everynight. The most i saw in one night was 29. thats a lot of wishes.

although the outback was fun it was good to reach a city again to escape the flies and get some aircon! we had to get up at 6am everyday to avoid having breakfast of flies and the heat is too much!
stayed in darwin for a few days to get my self organised to depart the shores and made the most of my last few days in oz by eating crocodile and lots of icecream!

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