back in paradise

20th december 2005

I arrived back in paradise in october. The little island called phi phi that id been dreaming of for months was finally in sight. As the ferry turned into the harbour I could see even through all the rain that phi phi was back in business. It looked like there were almost as many people on the island as last year. After seeing a few friendly faces of people who recognised me from last year, I went to the site where my bungalow used to be. To my amazement, again, the bathroom was still standing although the roof had been taken off. Inside, some of my belongings were still there, even after 9 months. I found the top i was wearing at the time the waves crashed into my room and it was nothing but rag material.

Apart from a great deal of empty space where buildings used to stand, it was almost as if nothing had happened. It was hard to get used to that idea. Im would have almost felt safe if it hadnt been for the storms every night that shook my room. After a couple of days of settling in I signed up, for the second time, for my divemaster training.
I wanted tot leave the island but I was determined to finish what i started 9 months before. I allowed myself four weeks to complete my diving course then i could leave. Its now been two and a half months and im still here!

Diving everyday took my mind off everything and i even grew some new muscles after lifting heavy scuba tanks everyday! and gradually without really realising I began to deal with the events of last year. I even went back to the hospital that i was airlifted to, although not by choice. I somehow managed to get pneumonia and had to have a chest xray.

Its been emotionally draining and hard work keeping myslef here and theres been times when i wanted to swim off the island when there were no ferries. But i decided to stay until christmas and attend the memorial ceremonies on boxing day. Then in will be time to leave rainy paradise.

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