the wanderer returns

17th March 2006

well its been a year and a half since I set out on my voyage, the bank has run dry, my sanity is beginning to fade and i miss luxuries like sleeping and toilets.

Its time to come home.

heres some ‘interesting’ facts about my travels;

ive slept in 140 different beds (think what you like) of which about 3 were comfortable and that doesnt include all the trains, buses, airports, restaurants and floors that ive slept on.

ive been to 12 countries (13 if you count burma- but i was only there for a hour).

ive been to 36 cities, most of which have botanic gardens and zoos.

ive been on 16 flights (18 if you count connecting ones). Having only been on a plane a few times before, I was quite excited by the prospect of lots of flying time. Ive come to realise that flying is actually really boring and the inflight entertainment never works! (or maybe thats just my bad luck)?

ive been to 43 different beaches, and only 13 of them in the sun, the rest of them in the rain.

the deepest depth below sea level ive been to is 132 feet. the highest height above sea level ive been to (not including flights) is 15, 000 feet.

in india ive spent 1 whole week on a train, 8 whole days on a boat, 3 days queing, 2 weeks being ill, 3 days waiting for meals.

ive had more tropical diseases than hot dinners. ok thats a slight exaggeration cos in australia when i cooked my own food it was actually hot.

ive been robbed 3 times, lost all my stuff once and on average injured myself at least once a month.

Perhaps the most amazing and interesting fact for you is that ive only got through 5 pairs of flip flops and 2 handbags!

I was very bored on a train when i calculated these interesting facts. Next time i get bored i’ll calculate more. But until then……….

see you back in blighty!!

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