nomad no more

oh blighty………… i cant believe im writing this. For the last 18 months ive been reading emails from other travellers returning to England and i never imagined it would get to the date when i had to write those words, ‘im back in blighty’.
I dont think anyone else did either. I kept receiving emails from friends saying ‘are you coming home ever? you’re not are you?’
well ive been back in blighty for 5 days now.

When I landed at Heathrow the Amercian couple next to me on the plane asked me if i was excited to be back home, and I just stared out of the window and mumbled something about the grey colour of the sky.
‘oh but you’re used to it’, they replied.
Grey Grey Grey Grey.

So now ive got over the grey and feel like im living in a palace with a comfortable bed, a toilet that you can sit on and most importantly HOT WATER! Its actually sunny today.
Nothing has changed, I didnt expect it too but im still surprised that nothing has changed. same ads on TV, same unused bubble bath giftset in the cupboard. Its just like I went on holiday for a week.
Speaking of holidays, I’m already fed up of people saying that ive been on holiday for a year and now its time to get back to reality. Come on travellers, back me up here, its not all holiday is it? You call having no money to eat, a wooden bed with no matress, no hot water for 12 months and no shower, only a bucket, for 3 months, a holiday?
And as for reality, Ive had numerous conversations with people about this one- am i back in reality now, or have i just come from reality? My conclusion is that everyone has their own reality and in reality, there is no reality.

As I have a reputation for picking up on the ‘negative’ things (but only for your amusement) I’ll end my diary by saying this;
I’ve had the most amazing experiences in the last 18 months, and the bad ones were some of the most valuable, the good ones are why I will always travel again. I’ve gained insight to a whole loads of things id never even thought about before. Now im more intrigued than ever, lets hope curiosity doesn’t kill the cat and perhaps ignorance is bliss but im thirsty for more. Im already planning my next trip. Africa next year.
I also have to say that im so excited to be home. Its so nice to be with friends and family again and to have access to virtually any food whenever I want thanks to supermarkets. Im looking forward to going to the pub, work and even the gym just because they will all be novelties. The job hunting begins now and in no time at all I will have paid off my travelling debts and il be buying my next flight.

Au Revoir

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