Road Trip! Grand Canyon, Vegas, and Los Angeles

I’m approaching my mid 20s and i want to do something big.What i have in mind is to road trip travel west. going to new mexico, grand canyon, LAS VEGAS for new years! and then arriving in LOS ANGELES by jan 2 for my Birthday. There we will explore Hollywood, Santa Monica Beach, etc. its a plan I’ve had for awhile, but who’s all going really depends on if this can even happen. I’m really depending on some travel buddies to join me on this adventure. with out any, i won’t be able to do this alone. let me know what anyone thinks and lets start planning. Budget: $210 per person for hotels, and gas for atleast 4 people total. ** new update we should b able to get a free hotel in Vegas for Jan 3 only. So we will stay there at ceasers palace on r way back home!

Dec 29: leave Ar stop somewhere along the way heading to grand canyon. Stop in New Mexico possibly?

Dec 30: stay at Grand Canyon

Dec 31: VEGAS for New Year’s Eve. No hotel this night in the city that never sleeps. Party all night.

Jan 1: rest! Lol head to LA possibly Santa Monica and stay night there.

Jan 2: ( my bday!) stay in Hollywood LA

Jan 3: head back to Vegas and stay at ceasers palace (free)

Jan 4: start heading back to AR. Stop for the night somewhere along the way. Texas maybe this time? Wherever.

Jan 5: make it back to AR at some time this day

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