Am I too old / tied down to travel / should I go

Hi there, I am 23, and recently got a new job at a great company with great training and prospects. I travelled for 6 months last year and came back in April (had the best time of my life in Asia). I met a girl out there, and subsequently we are going out now. She is Swedish and we have been having a long distance relationship for about 3 months but have been speaking since January like everyday. I am madly in love with her and she is with me. She went to Austrailia at the begining of Aug with her friends as it had been booked for about a year and they had all been looking forward to it. We knew it would be hard, but knew it would/will last regardless if she's gone for up to 8 months. However, we are both finding it really hard (as in missing each other). She has told me to go.  I feel like I should go because my life feels empty without her in it. Her friends she's travelling with want me to go. Aus isn't my desired choice to travel to but I know it would be great over there. I'm just worried that I'm throwing away a good opportunity and will come back nearly 24 with nearly no work experience and just a degree. I've only been working this job for like a month :/ Someone help. I'm heartbroken… never thought I would ever be like this over a girl… My mates even understand and think I should go which is a HUGE shock as they're like the epitimy of English blokes from London (scum bags) but I love them.  p.s I'm a good guy though 🙂 ALL ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.. THANKS IN ADVANCE !!

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