London Bound

I am absolutely dying to go to London after this year. My family is against me taking a gap year in London. They’d prefer it if I lived in the same city as them. I understand their point of view, but this what I want.
I feel such an overwhelming thirst to travel, and more specifically, travel to London. I feel as though every night in my dreams, that London calls me. I feel this NEED to go. I want to LIVE life. I don’t want to play it safe, or as my friends say, “Get university over and done with and travel after.”
I understand that idea, however I have witnessed that that is not always the case. My sister went to school first, desired to travel after, but even as she completed her 4 years of university, and worked for two years after, she still has yet to exit the country. I don’t want that to happen to me.
My brother on the other hand, went to university for a couple years, travelled, and still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life or what career path he has yet to choose. So I am thinking that taking this gap year will help with finding what I really want to do in life. I also have the opportunity to travel. I mean, I have the money, and the great curiosity, obviously the courage, so I say, why not?
Yes, I am scared; I am horribly terrified! But I don’t believe in living life with “what if’s” and regretting what I didn’t do, as opposed to regretting all of the daring things I did do.
I know that that is cliche, but it’s how I feel. I want to experience life outside of the boundaries of my province, country, FAMILY, and outside the boundary of my own mind. I desire to be daring, instead, as I always have, played life the safe way. I want to learn new things from different countries. I want to see different cultures and immerse myself into that culture. I want to go into a different country and not know what the citizens know, and leave feeling as though I was part of that culture, and not just the culture or country, but I want to feel as though leaving that place, will feel like leaving home.
As of right now, I know that this small Albertan town is where and I live, and that it is my home, but I want something more. I don’t know if I feel as though this is home. I sleep here. I eat here. I come back to this house every day after school and after work. But I don’t know if it is home. Yes, it is a house with four walls, windows, and doors; but it’s not where my heart is. I feel as though my heart is with London. Or, I should say, the world. The world is here. It is all around us.
A day on a plane could get us half way across the world, so I say, why not spend a day on a plane and visit a new town and become a world traveller and experience the world. I say, don’t be afraid of the world, or in my case, don’t be afraid of my parents. I CAN do this. I will.

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