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Chris Shorrocks

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    Chris Shorrocks

    Hey Liv!
    I’ll be arriving in Sydney mid October on a year working holiday visa… Got no solid plans really but I’ll be in Sydney for a bit and was gonna make my way up the east coast to Cairns around the same time, before flying back down to Sydney for all the Christmas and New Year celebrations!
    Travelling solo as well.. so good to get to know other people in a similar situation and discuss ideas.. Are you arriving on a working holiday as well?

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    Chris Shorrocks

    I applied through workaseason, who act as an umbrella for a few different chains. I applied to be a chalet host as it was most suited to my skills/experience.
    After I applied I got invited to and interview which was near London. This was okay, it was a group interview where they tested your knowledge on the job, company, skills etc. You had to do a presenatation on yourself, why you’d be good as a chalet host and why you ultimately want to do a season. Sounds daunting but it really wasn’t, think the majority of people in my group got a job, just got to relax, smile and put on a good first impression.

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    Chris Shorrocks

    I did a ski season in les deux alpes in france a couple of years ago. If you’re going to be leaving mid feb its best to keep it on the quiet and not tell any potential employers this otherwise chance is they wont employ you. Get the job and get out there and ski, and then let them know you need to go home just before. They can’t stop you leaving but they probs wont take you on if they know in advance.
    If you have any more season related questions feel free to ask.

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    Chris Shorrocks

    Kaleigh Louise Raine wrote:
    My plans are basically the same as yours! I land in Sydney December 9th and plan on staying there until just after new year before travelling up the east coast to Cairns. Have you got your Christmas/new year accommodation sorted? I've had a look and most places are fully booked!! I'm going to book the wake up hostel in Sydney I think. It works out about £370 for the two weeks. Will be good to stay in touch! Xx

    Hey sorry to intrude but did you actually book the wakeup hostel over christmas/new year..? I’ll be in Sydney then as well but didn’t realise how early you’ve got to book accom and it seems to be the only decent place left. I’m probably going to book it but I’ll be there solo so would be good to know another solo traveller also there as well over the festive period 🙂

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    Chris Shorrocks

    Hey 🙂 I was thinking of doing Oz Intro but haven’t booked it yet as I’ve read mixed comments online, so debating whether to leave it and just save the money for other activities.. does look like a laugh tho!
    you guys got plans for after the first week?

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