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Busy in Buitan, Bali

Updated 3 years, 1 Month ago

In signing up to be a Work-Study volunteer at the International Humanity Foundation, I was unsure as to what I should expect from the experience. On arrival, the first thing I noticed was how beautiful the center is. Beautiful flowers and trees surround both the main house and the smaller house where we sleep. Everything is made from bamboo and wood and the garden is so well maintained.

However, after meeting the children, I was no longer so pre-occupied with my surroundings. Getting to know the kids and the ways in which they learn and study has been the most difficult yet challenging part of this whole experience. The kids here don’t learn the way I learnt at school in Australia and getting used to that is a big part of this whole experience. The most rewarding aspect of my time at IHF is knowing that these kids leave the center every day having learnt something new that you have taught them.

In my time off I have also seen some amazing places in Bali with the other volunteers that are here and it’s been great having our own little family. It’s truly been a home away from home.

I’ve been here for two weeks now and have two weeks left of my time volunteering. Sadly, I wish I had more time but it’s great to know that I will be welcomed back whenever with open arms.

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