A Scientologist’s Retreat to Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater is the spiritual headquarters of the Scientology religion and a great place to retreat to when a scientologist just needs to get away for a while.

Members of the church from all around the world watch follow event that take place in Clearwater and we look forward to meeting like minds here.

My first trip to Clearwater was in 2004 and I have returned several times since, the most recent being in 2010.

It is a testiment to our religion that the Church of Scientology’s presence in Clearwater has also driven down crime levels dramatically. Before the HQ was built, Clearwater had an crime rate of nearly 50 percent above the Florida average, but it has now dropped well below that rate.

For Scientologists looking to get away, Clearwater is a wonder city, full of open-minded and approachable people and the perfect place to meet like-minded souls.

In short, I highly recommend it…

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