hello from ko samet – thailand

from bustling Bangkok to idyllic Ko Samet. An island south east not far from pattaya (ping pong town)with great weather year round. After spending our last day (my birthday) in a tuk tuk visiting temples (went along with scam as we knew about it – guys like o take you to their sponser- jewellery shop, hotel, tailors usually to get fuel voucher, we agreed to go one jewellery store for a laugh-he found it hilarious) we only payed 20 baht plus a small tip so this cost about a quid to go where we wanted. He got fuel and we had fun.
We booked a bus and boat ticket ( which we shared with veg, fish and amusing characters) and left our reasonably comfortable (but friendly) guest house at 8 am and arrived here about 1 o clock with no where to sleep. After carrying our own body weight in about 38 degrees we decided to stay in naga bungalows at 500 baht/night with private bathroom outside cold water only and lizard! looked great from outside but no air con and a brick for a bed restricted sleep for another night ( night before was kept awake by party next door)- rooms great for the hardened traveller as good atmosphere and feel safe but we decided to spend some of our gifts from friends and family and stay here-silver sands! Clean, air con, tv, hot water, softer bed and fridge with white sand and clear water- lovely.We negotiated the price at 1100/night instead of 1700 as it is low season and the food is cheaper here. We eat thai food as it less expensive and nicer most of the time and go to bars with deals on or buy from the 7/11-beer being an essential part of travelling. We drink the local beer because of price (and it’s 6.4%). Thai people are nice enough (‘welcome to the land of smiles’ may be a little over optamistic) but these people are so religious and patriotic! There are pictures of the king everywhere and there are high penalties faced if caught disrespecting the royal family.
Anyway gonna go now. Need to wash some smog out of our clothes from the city ( i know why they wear masks now) and there’s a Chang beer with our name on it! xxx

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