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Our luxury stay abruptly ended after a night with a rowdy American group who had moved in one side and Germans the other- fighting at 3am outside whilst abusing their new Thai girlfriends. For fear of Ste punching one of them (those of you that know Ste well will understand) and after a slightly disgruntled chat with management- managed to get our money back for the other nights we had booked. ANOTHER LESSON LEARNT –
(1. Check bed not like brick)
(2. Check curtains fit windows-gaffa tape came in useful)
(3. get air con room if in budget)
4. ONLY PAY FOR ONE NIGHT AT A TIME- this is easier in low season of course!

Also got tired of mangy dogs on beautiful beach and moody staff everywhere. So, to remain up-spirited jumped on knackered boat (50 B each) to Ban Phe and got taxi to Pattaya for a laugh (blagged price from 1000 to 650 B) as bus didn’t leave till 5 pm and it was only 2.
LESSON – Check fixed bus travel so not hanging round in dodgy area. Sometimes cheaper tickets can be brought from agents in travel shops but may not be bus to pick you up other end. You have to use own judgement will work better when we are browner as they dont try to rip you off as much and you can bargain more when you know the score.

Pattaya- Yes if you’re reasonably normal this area probably doesn’t suit. Luckily we managed to find a quaint French guest house for 1180 B -Ma Maison. We were the only non – English- Thai couple of similar age there but it was clean and safe. Considering the ‘GO GO’ scene is illegal here, i doubt the hundreds of (ladies?) hanging around all along the beach front were after some fresh air! Not ones for taking peoples word for things, glad we saw this wasn’t our kind of place for ourselves as it was an experience- and we never did find those ‘stunning beaches’ North or South, and believe you me we walked our little flip flops off to try and discover them! Again lots of dogs roaming around and tourist bombardment- lots of old men, socks and sandals and not many families/ backpackers. Went to bus station and caught bus (128 B each) back to Bangkok (2 hours). MP3 great idea when you’ve got dirty Al and his mate with his ill fitting wig from Washington DC bored and needing a chat sitting next to you.
Staying at D and D Inn on Khaosan Rd. One of few budget hotels with a pool (750B) tv, air con, hot water, only slightly less brick like bed, no windows but door locks well. Noisy as usual- ear plugs a must when travelling!…….

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